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Spooray facilitates the creation and sending of congratulatory messages for events or special occasions by utilizing tools like images, giphy and video messages accompanied by a monetary gift.

Why Spooray!

Spooray With Assurance

– Deposit your bundles of cash into your spooray wallet.
– All spoorayed cash goes direct into the recipients wallet.

Create and Manage Events

– Create and share all your upcoming events with people from around the world.

– Find and attend events you love on Spooray

Chat About Any Event In One Place

– Make new friends, engage with others and build a strong network of people you like.

Send Cash Gifts to anyone

– Show that person you care by raining cash on them on their special day.

– Deposit the cash, choose who you want to gift, add a special message and Spooray! It’s that easy.

Hygiene Reason

– Promotes good hygiene when spraying money at events.
– Avoids exposure to unnecessary contact at parties.
– Reduces the risks of communicable disease.

Connect with old friends, make new ones

– Chat about your favorite events in one place

– Build a strong network of like minds

Spooray Outlook

Spooray is a peer-to-peer mobile app designed for cash gifting during special events like birthdays, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and more.

It’s also an event management platform that allows you to create an event, invite friends and chat about it.

It’s your one-stop platform for creating events, making posts, and social networking.

Deliver special cash gifts to your loved ones in a safe, fast, and convenient way. All on the Spooray App!

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What People Are Saying

Spooray promotes good hygiene when spraying cash at events.
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Event Planner
I like the swipe & spray functionality of sending cash. It is really fun.
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App User
Spooray make giving safe, fun and easy. it's a most have!
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IT Director

I couldn't buy a gift for my sisters birthday so I decided to Spooray her instead. She loved it! It was fun, easy and highly thoughtful.

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Business Advisor

Spooray makes giving safe, fun, and easy. It's a must have!

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App User

Spooray is a gift to the entertainment industry. I love it!

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Program Director

Spooray is a secure way to send mobile money gifts to friends and family. It makes giving super easy.

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Comminication Manager