About Us

——— OUR STORY ———

About three years ago, four friends came together at a celebration, during which they discovered how much more fun the celebration would have been for both the celebrant and the guest, with a simple application such as Spooray.

What if we could celebrate with the celebrant from anywhere in the world? Or what if we could “spray cash” on the celebrant from anywhere in the world? Whilst there are Apps like skype or zoom that were used during the pandemic, they could not “make it rain” on the celebrant. Now it is possible to “Spray cash” literally from the comfort of your home, workplace, or if stuck in traffic on the way to the celebration. Whether you are present in person at a celebration or not, you can still make the celebrants’ day by spooraying them.


Welcome to Spooray, the only digital way for spraying cash at any event.