Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Spooray?

Spooray is an act of giving by way of “Swipe & Spray” of cash to your loved ones during occasions and events. Normally the recipient isn’t expecting these funds and he also shoulders the spooray fees.

Q2. Can I Spooray someone under the age of 18?

You cannot spooray anyone under the age of 18.

Q3. What is Load Wallet?

Load wallet is the process of transferring monies from your bank account into your spooray wallet in readiness for Spooraying your folks. This normally takes 2-3 days

Q4. What is Direct Send?
The process where User A sends funds straight to User B without having to swipe n spray. User A pays a small fee and User B receives the full amount sent.
Q5. What is Prefund?
This is the amount that we advance you or make available to you for immediate use pending the full clearance of the monies you loaded from your bank account. This is usually a small amount. We recommend you fund your wallet 3 working days prior to full use of funds.
Q6. What is Spooray me?
Means a request for someone to spray me cash.
Q7. What is Scan & Spooray?
This is a process of using the QR code technology. You can scan the QR code of another spooray user if you don’t have their phone number. It is a faster way to effect transactions.
Q8. What is You Just Got Spoorayed?
This means someone just sprayed you cash.
Q9. What is Withdrawal?
This represents the amount available for you to withdraw to your bank account. These are the funds spoorayed to you by others not the loaded amount. This usually takes about 1-2 days to hit your bank account with a small fee.
Q10. Will I be able to spooray people in other countries?
Not at this time. You can only spooray within the country you reside in. You will be notified when we open up that facility in the next phase
Q11. Do I always have to use the swipe n spray function?
No. You can also use the Direct Send function
Q12. Can I Spooray a friend who hasn’t downloaded the spooray app?
Yes, you can. There are 2-ways to achieve this:
1) Identify this friend on your contact list and click the “spooray button” next to his or her name and proceed to spooray the normal way. Your friend will receive an SMS alert to download the app, sign-up within 7 days or the amount will be returned to the sender.
2) Click the “invite button” and a text message will be sent to your friend to download the app. Accept each other’s friend request and you can begin Spooraying.
Q13. Can I use Spooray to pay bills?
Yes, only in certain countries where such services are available on the app.
Q14. Can a transaction be canceled or reversed if it was done in error?
This will depend on the recipients’ cooperation. Also, prompts are available to verify a transaction before it is made. Due to this extra feature, transactions may be final.
Q15. Will there be someone available to address questions or concerns?
Yes. There is a support line on our website and available agents to address your concerns. You may also reach us via the app contact us portal.
Q16. Does Spooray work in my country?
Only if you are in a country that we service. The Spooray app is available for download via the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). Just make sure you’re able to send and receive SMS text messages in order for us to verify you.
Q17. Will my Spooray account be safe from hacking risk?
Yes, our financial institutions (partners) in charge of transmitting your funds between wallets have high level security protocols in place to protect your funds. Also, top class encryption measures have been implemented to protect your personal details, funds and wallets.

Q18. Is Spooray free of charge?
No. Generally, Spooray charges a small fee all across: – When you fund your wallet via your bank account. – When you swipe & spray (deducted from Spoorayee). – When you send direct (paid by sender) and the recipient receive full amount sent. – When you withdraw to your bank account. – When you receive funds and just want to cash-out a fee is also charged.